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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The increasing ability of machines to learn and act intelligently will absolutely transform our world. It is also the driving force behind many other tech trends.

Forbes, 2020

Blockchain, Distributed ledger technology, which is already appearing in experimental and small-scope projects, will be fully scalable by 2023.

Gartner, 2019

Augmented reality and virtual reality. They have leaped from nascent technologies to comprehensive solutions that enable and empower many mainstream consumer and enterprise applications, customer experiences, and various industry workflows.

Cisco, 2020

Tech investments by non-tech corporations are on pace to surpass that of tech corporations for the first time.

CB Insights, 2017
Who We Are

Vincent Soh

EBS Founding Partner

Start-up Founder, Business Developer and Investor
Jakarta, Indonesia - Dubai, UAE - Singapore

Mark Noorlander

EBS Advisor in Blockchain

Fintech Founder and ICO Technical Advisor
Netherlands - Europe - Singapore

Parag Singhal

EBS Advisor in AI

Expert in Applying AI to Financial Services
America - Asia - Singapore

Partners & Clients

March 2017

Ethereum price crosses the $40 mark and catches the attention of EBS founders, who are established in finance and technology. They start making investments.

June 2017

Ethereum goes into consolidation and Bitcoin struggles against uncertainty of forking. Founders research peer to peer technology.

August 2017

Bitcoin activates SegWit, and all investments are deployed in Bitcoin and into ICOs, believing a bull run is ahead. Targets are set.

November 2017

Founders finalize a report on the pros and cons of long term business investments. Founders catch the Ripple bull.


February 2018

A team is assembled to provide ICO advisory. The decision is made to begin work in a bear market, to protect the long term interests of EBS’s investors and its brand.


March 2018

Work begins by the founders of Wizzle.


August 2018

Work begins by the founders of AORA.


November 2018

EBS announce its new ecosystem for tokenization in South East Asia.

June 2019

EBS consults for Oobit.

February 2020

EBS funds US fintech bank.

August 2020

EBS secures IMDA digital fund grant.

On the Move

Change Is the Only Constant

We’ve expanded, moved offices and also offer more services now! If you require photography of any kind, email us at admin@ebscap.com.

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