We are a blockchain advisory for projects that scale.

What We Do

ICO Advisory

End-to-end advice and management of your long-term plans for your initial coin offering and innovation roadmap.

Global Fundraising
and Publicity

Awareness building and buy-in of your platform through integrated multi-channel marketing and endorsements.

3rd Generation
Blockchain Upgrades

Uncap the potential of your project by building on advanced chains or tools that are more tailored to the size of your vision.

Innovation and
Change Management

Corporates and banks need to reorganize in a world of disruptive startups and VCs, and lightning ways of capital raising.

Community Building

Adoption is the key to investments by professional investors and future funding. EBS and partners will create the conditions necessary for public interest in your project to catch and grow, globally.

Venture Capital

Thinking about being a professional manager of crypto investments? EBS is a successful investor and has the network and insiders' access to discuss the best opportunities.

Giving Back

We are happy to advise for your project if it serves a humanitarian or environmental cause in a sincere or impactful way. Fees optional.

Blockchain Education

We are glad to be speakers and educators for your events, whether it is a one-off or ongoing basis. Peer to peer relationships are the backbone of our industry.

Project Fees

A mutually agreed project budget and a performance fee are usually paid by clients of EBS Capital Partners. Cryptocurrencies accepted.
Who We Are

Vincent Soh

EBS Founding Partner

Start-up Founder, Business Developer and Investor
Jakarta, Indonesia - Dubai, UAE - Singapore

Mark Noorlander

EBS Advisor in Blockchain

Fintech Founder and ICO Technical Advisor
Netherlands - Europe - Singapore

TH Lim

EBS Advisor in Marketing

Software and People Developer
Southeast Asia - Asia

Lis Tan

Project Manager / VP Sales

Southeast Asia - Asia

Token Campaigns

March 2017

Ethereum price crosses the $40 mark and catches the attention of EBS founders, who are established in finance and technology. They start making investments.

June 2017

Ethereum goes into consolidation and Bitcoin struggles against uncertainty of forking. Founders research peer to peer technology.

August 2017

Bitcoin activates SegWit, and all investments are deployed in Bitcoin and into ICOs, believing a bullrun is ahead. Targets are set.

November 2017

A report is finalized by the founders into the pros and cons of long term business investments. Founders catch the Ripple bull.

February 2018

A team is assembled to provide advisory into ICOs. The decision is made to begin work in a bear market, to protect long term interests of EBS investors and EBS brand.

March 2018

Work begins by the founders of Wizzle.

June 2018

Work begins with the founders of Infinitus.

August 2018

Work begins with the founders of AORA.

November 2018

EBS Capital Partners to announce its new ecosystem for tokenization in South East Asia.

On the Move

December Descends

It’s December. We’ve had a great year and look forward what the future holds in 2020!

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